Content elements in the header

General information

Content on the header or footer is created and edited differently from normal content on the page. Above you see the dialogs that open when you want to create content on a header or footer for the first time. You can create three different types of content. With the free version you can create a text block. With the purchased version any number of texts and pictures and a slideshow.


All created contents are shown in a list. The list shows the order in which the contents overlap. You can change the order directly in the list using drag&drop or execute commands when editing content to place elements lower or higher.


Elements can be moved and placed freely on the area using the mouse and drag&drop. Or alternatively with the help of input fields. You set the width of picture elements via an input field, the height is automatically adjusted. It is not possible to move elements out of the area. If you have placed elements at the right edge and then narrow the page and thus the header area, then as soon as you reopen the editor, the elements are automatically repositioned so that they completely fit into the area again.


All actions are saved immediately. Exit the editor by right-clicking on "Back to Layout Editor".

In each header and footer you can add special content. This content is always displayed above the background image or background color that may have been inserted.


In the free version only certain types can be inserted compared to the purchased versions and the number of elements is also limited.


With the content elements you can insert logos, show text or even display a slideshow with up to 10 different images. The slideshow can only be included once.


All elements can be placed freely on the header or footer. If elements overlap, you can adjust them in vertical order, i.e. move them up or down.

Creating a New Content Element

Content elements for the header and footer are the only content that you cannot create directly on your page. Although this content is not part of the design, you must create it using the design editor. The reason is that the design of a header or footer has a direct influence on the creation of content elements.

On the one hand, the width and height of the header or footer is controlled by the design and on the other hand, the content is positioned absolutely pixel-precisely from the top and left edge. If you adjust the design, you will see immediately if content no longer fits into the area and can change this.

A further reason is that for some elements like the slideshow the background image should possibly be removed to avoid unwanted effects. By working directly in the design editor you can intervene immediately if necessary.


To create new content, please click on "Edit design" in the menu "Design" and then click on the header or footer in the design editor that should get your own content and click on "Edit content elements" in the menu and click on "Edit content of the area".The edit area opens at the top and if there is no content element yet, you only see a menu "New Element" at the top left.


Click on it and then select the type of element from a list. Once you have done this, a new, empty content element is created and immediately saved in the background.

Edit content element

First you have to go to the design editor, select the area (header or footer) and use the corresponding menu to edit the content. If elements exist, they are displayed in the area on the one hand and displayed as buttons at the top left of the editing area on the other. Just click on one of these buttons and the editing options to the right will open. Alternatively, you can simply click on one of the items displayed in the area. Even then, the editing window opens.

Changing the sequence of elements

If you change the position of an element on a header or footer, simply drag it to the desired location. After letting go, the edit window opens up and you can see the exact position of the element from above and from the left. You can always go there and change these values if you want to set the position exactly to the pixel. Since it is not possible to center an element, you can very easily calculate from the width of the element (also shown above) and the total width of the area, which value you must have from the left, so that your element is centered.


Will you change the order of the elements, because the font should be placed above the logo? Then it's very simple. There are two buttons in edit mode. With one you can move the element to the front and with the other to the back. If there are more than two elements, you can also use the list of elements. Simply drag the corresponding element with the mouse and then drag it up or down in the list. The list displays all elements in the order in which they overlap.

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