Why do I need design fonts?

A professionally designed website uses a uniform typeface. This means that the basic text consists of a font, font size and font color. Depending on the weighting (H1 to H4), the headlines have a uniform typeface and the links are the same everywhere.


To avoid having to make the same format specifications for each text in the text editor, the fonts are controlled centrally by the design. All formatting is stored there. 


Important here is: You may not overwrite these formatting manually in the text editor. So if you are inserting text, simply create a new text section and then write your text without manually setting the font or font size. Then the text is displayed as it is stored in the design.


Advantages of a central font design.

1) The typeface is uniform on all pages and your website becomes more professional.

2) If you change the design and your typeface should also be changed then you only need to adjust the formatting in one place and all texts will be displayed again on the entire website.

3) You do not have to worry about the design when writing that the design takes over.

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