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Drag&Drop with page4

You can find detailed information about drag and drop on Wikipedia. Simply moving and touching objects in the browser with the mouse is a modern way of operation and often accelerates work processes. However, one can also overdo it and then achieve rather the opposite. Depending on the computing power, the function of touching and moving objects with the mouse costs quite a lot of power, and if the movement is no longer fluid and constantly hacks, frustration quickly arises.


In page4 we have introduced drag&drop in useful places. In addition to touching and dragging, we have often implemented an alternative method of operation, so that you can always choose the method of operation that you like best.


On the subpages we introduce you to all areas in which we use drag&drop technology.

Management page

If your page4 website has many pages you will love our page management. You can easily sort pages with drag&drop.


In addition each side has almost a "drag point". You click on the handle and with pressed mouse button you can then move this page up or down in the page tree. This changes the position of the navigation point of the respective page. If you move the page up, the navigation point moves to the right in a horizontal navigation, up in a vertical navigation and vice versa.


You can also move one page to the left or right. This moves the page one level up or down. Our system is so intelligent that it recognizes when a position is not possible, even if you handle multiple pages that are connected by moving layers.


When moving pages that have subpages, the pages are automatically collapsed and only an info is displayed about how many pages you have just touched and moved.

Create contents

All content elements (types) are arranged in a panel and are displayed with an icon. You can drag an icon with the mouse and drop it on your page while holding down the mouse button. The system will automatically show you where you can insert this content. If you let go of the element, an empty content element is created at the relevant point. This way you can quickly and easily place the required content elements on your page and then fill them with content at your leisure.

Move contents

Each content element can be moved easily with the mouse. Move the mouse over the element until the toolbar appears and click with the mouse on this toolbar and keep it pressed. Now you can move and reposition the element. Either on the side or in the clipboard. A page4 site always has columns and rows. In the premium version you can create several columns next to each other. You can move elements to any row or column with the mouse. The system displays exactly where you can place the content element.

Content elements into the header

The contents for the header or footer are created and edited directly in the design editor. Again, we use drag and drop when it makes sense. So you can simply drag elements that are on the header with the mouse and position them as you like. The exact position (in pixels from the left and from above) is always displayed at the top of the editing area and can also be entered directly there if you want an exact placement.

You can also conveniently arrange the elements in the order in which they lie on top of each other using Drag&Drop. In the upper left corner of the processing area, all existing elements are arranged one below the other. You can touch these elements and move them up or down. As soon as you release the mouse the new position is displayed on the header.

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