To edit your website and its contents you need to login using the password we sent you and your email address. In the email with the password is also a link to your website and a link so that the login dialog opens and you can enter your email and password.


If you should prescribe yourself when logging in, please wait 10 to 15 seconds. If the data is incorrect, the logon is blocked for this time. This lock is necessary for security reasons. If you try to login again within the lockout period, an error will always be generated, even if your data is correct. Your web address consists of your desired address plus the domain You have several options to log in to your website:


a) At the bottom of your website is a link to login. Just click and the login dialog opens.

b) You are attached to the address of your page "/admin.php" and click on "Return" and the login dialog opens.

c) You visit our homepage, and click on "Login" above. Then enter your access data there and enter the internal area for customers. You can then log in from there



My tip: Just use the link at the bottom of your website. This is the easiest way to login.

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