Is it possible to edit the contents directly on a page?

Of course. Currently, for example, you can edit headlines and texts directly without having to call up the dialog. Just click into a heading and then add or change the text. As soon as you leave the content element, the change is saved automatically. So you don't have to worry about losing unsecured text on your page when you switch to another page.


You can also edit the content element Slider directly. Simply click into the displayed texts and edit them. We are constantly expanding and optimizing our system and will provide further options to enable meaningful processing. 


You can also edit the text in a button directly on the page.


The advantage of dialogs is that you get more options and can concentrate on editing. If you display an "inline dialog", as other systems do partially, as soon as you click into a content it may be cool at first. But you quickly realize that there are many restrictions. Especially if the content takes up a lot of space on the page, such as a gallery or a form. 

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