Change password

You can change the password yourself at any time. To do this, login and then click on "Options" in the main menu and then on "User management". The dialog is very simple. You need your old password and can then set a new one.


Attention: After clicking on "Change password" the password will be changed and you have to log in the next time with the new password.

Forgotten your password

If you forgot your password, you have to request new access data via email. Currently there is no way to generate that automatically. It is important that you either tell us your page - then our system sends you new access data to the deposited email or that you write us an email with the email address used by you with us. An inquiry via contact form cannot be processed because we cannot verify who sent the form. If you use the contact form and tell us your website we can of course also send the system a command to send you new access data to the deposited email. Which is not possible to send you new access data to another email. You'll have to show sufficient identification.

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