On the following pages we will explain technical terms and show you which requirements should be available to use page4 to create your own web pages.

Required technology


You need a browser, what exactly that is, we explain to you here. You must also have Javascript enabled in your browser and possibly Flash. Your browser must support cookies. Sometimes it is advisable to clear the browser cache.


Page4 is an online service. This means that you need access to the Internet in any case if you want to view or edit your page4 website. The faster this internet access is, the more quickly you can edit your website. This is because your browser, which you use to display your page4 website locally on your computer, retrieves the data from our servers for display via the Internet. If you change texts or use images, these data must be transported from your computer via the Internet access line to our server, where databases store this information and then send it back to the respective visitors for display if required.

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