To view and edit your page4 website on your computer or a tablet, you need a so-called browser. Depending on the operating system, there are different browsers that you can use. Virtually all browsers are free. Since you surf the Internet via a browser, you should always make sure to use the latest version. Together with a good antivirus software you reduce the risk of getting dangerous viruses and malware on your computer.

General information

If you know the address of a website, you should enter it directly in the address bar of your browser. As soon as you do this and press the return key, the website will be loaded and displayed. By default, browsers are set to display a search engine, usually Google, when opened.


Many users then automatically type in the complete address of their website in the Google search field and then click on the link found. If you have created a new website and the domain has only just been registered, this can lead to Google not (yet) knowing this address and thus not finding it.


Tip: Via the address bar in your browser you can safely access your website, provided that the domain is already registered and you have spelled everything correctly. Once the contents of your website are ready and you have entered all the data for the search engines (keywords, description, etc.), you should register your new domain with Google yourself. The faster your new page4 page will be found.

The currently popular browsers

If possible, you should only use one of the known browsers. So you are on the safe side and always on the newest state of the art.



For the Windows operating system

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


For the Mac operating system

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Apple Safari


For iPads and iPhones

Apple Safari

Google Chrome


For Android Tablets

Mozilla Firefox for Android

Our suggestion

We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. On a Mac, the Safari is also a good solution. All these browsers are fast, modern and receive regular security updates.


 Important: With our new update 2017 the support for Internet Explorer 10 or older has been discontinued. You should therefore urgently switch to a new version.

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