If you are editing your page4 website, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. Otherwise pasge4 will not work. JavaScript is usually enabled by default in most browsers.  If you are not sure whether JavaScript is activated, we will show you below how to enable or disable JavaScript in the individual browsers.

Enable or disable JavaScript

Mozilla Firefox

With the current Firefox JavaScript is always on. Direct switch-off is only possible via the so-called config file. If you want to disable JavaScript for certain pages, you should get the plugin "NoScript". This allows you to tell which pages are allowed to use JavaScript.


To do this, click on "Add-Ons" in the "Extra" menu and then on "Find Add-Ons". On the right side you enter "NoScript" as search term. After the installation you have to restart the browser.


When you open your page4 website, a yellow bar appears at the bottom with the message "Scripts are currently forbidden" and a button "Settings" on the right. Click on this button and at the very bottom you will find a selection with your domain in the type "allow". Choose this option and JavaScript is now allowed for your own homepage.


Note: If JavaScript is disabled, you cannot open dialogs or edit the contents in page4.

Google Chrome

JavaScript is also enabled by default in Chrome. However, you can switch it off directly in your browser.


Click on "Settings" in the menu. You can find the "Settings" menu at the top of the window or to the right of the browser line by clicking on the three lines.


The settings will open in a new tab with a link "Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the page. Click on this link and further options will be displayed below.


Under "Privacy" there is a button "Content settings...".


Click on this button and a window will open. Relatively far down you will find the area "JavaScript". There are two options: "Allow JavaScript to run on all websites (recommended)" and "Do not allow JavaScript to run on any website". With the first option JavaScript is generally switched on, with the second switched off.


To edit your page4 website JavaScript must be enabled.


Under these options you will find a button "Manage exceptions". If you click on it, you can add any number of website addresses in an extra window and determine for each individual page whether JavaScript should be switched on or off.


To turn JavaScript on or off, please select the "Preferences" menu located directly under the "Safari" main menu. A window with index cards opens.


Click on the "Security" tab. There you will find an entry "Enable JavaScript". This entry is enabled by default. If you want to disable JavaScript, uncheck the checkbox in front of the entry and close the windows again.


The same applies to Safari: Without JavaScript you cannot edit your page4 website.

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