Registering a page4 website

For a free page with page4 please go to our website and click on the button "Create free homepage now". You can also find more information on the page where you of course also have a button to register.  Click on one of the registration buttons opens the window shown below with the form to register.


To create a website with page4, all you need is an email address that works and that you have access to. On our website there are buttons on the title page and some other pages with which you can create a free page. There is a registration form for free pages.


Even if you want to have a purchased version, you should "order" the free version first if you have not yet worked with page4. This way you can try out our system at your leisure and test beforehand whether you like it. Without time pressure and obligation. The free version is unlimited and permanently free. You can upgrade to a paid version at any time and then take all the data from your free version with you.


You need a name for your website. This will be the address where you can access the page. Your desired address (1) is always a subdomain of So Each address can only be assigned once. If your desired address has already been assigned, a name with a number is automatically generated. You can change this name at any time. Just send us an email. Then enter your email address (2) and define a password with which you can log in in the future. (3) Note that all passwords are encrypted and if you forget your password, you must have the system generate a new one. Best still that you are a human by activating the reChaptcha (4) of Google. If Google knows you, you can do this with one click, otherwise you have to answer some questions about the displayed pictures.


When you click on "Create your website" (5), our system generates the website of your choice with the corresponding name. This only takes a few seconds. You will then see a window where you can select a design. Please note that you can adapt everything to the design itself. So in the end it doesn't matter which design you really start with. This distinguishes page4 from all other systems.


The access data will be sent to your email address. Please confirm that you wanted to create a free site to activate your account. If someone else has created a page4 website with your email, please contact us to have the new website updated. If you don't answer, we will automatically disable an unconfirmed page after 14 days.


And now have fun with page4.

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