How do I create a new page?

A page4 website consists of any number of pages. There is no limit. You can create and manage as many pages as you like for a free version as for a purchased version. The page manager is used for administration and creation.


1. Click on the icon "Pages" in the left main menu

2. In the page manager, go to the place where you want to insert the new page and click on the existing page where you want the new page to appear.

3. The selected page is displayed in bold.

4. Move the mouse over the selected page. This is highlighted in color. Each page entry has 4 symbols on the right. A pen to edit the page attributes. A green plus sign to create a new page. A blue copy icon to copy the page and a red trash to delete a page.

5. Click on the green plus sign.

6. a new page is created under the active page. You can now edit the attributes by double-clicking on this entry or the pen.

7. enter a new name and copy this name into the two fields below. So for the title and as an alias.

8. save the dialog.

9. finish the page manager.


The new page now appears in the navigation behind the page you selected.


If you want to create content in privacy without visitors being able to see the page, you can make the page invisible. An invisible page is displayed in red in the page manager and is only visible in admin mode.

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