Which areas are exist?

Below you see a representation of all elements that may be present in a design.  Unlike other builders, you decide which elements or areas you want to use. Our design templates are only suggestions and not hard-coded templates. You can hide all areas except the content area and the navigation.

Navigation horizontal

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

  Navigation vert. 


Sidebar left





Content Area






Sidebar right



Footer 1 (sidebar below)

Footer 2

Footer 3

The individual areas

Navigation Area Horizontal and Vertical

The horizontal navigation area can be placed above, below or in a header. Of course it can also be used without a header.


The vertical navigation area can only be placed in the left or right sidebar. 


Since it is mandatory that your page has navigation, the navigation area cannot be hidden. If you only use horizontal navigation, subpages are displayed as pop-up menus. As soon as you place a vertical navigation, only the main pages are displayed in the horizontal navigation and all subpages are displayed in the vertical navigation.


Decatcate one of the two navigation areas, the subpages or main pages are automatically displayed in the remaining navigation.

Header 1 to 3

Up to three headers can be activated. A distance can be set between each header. Each header can be up to 500 px. Headers can include a background color, a background image, multiple background images as slideshows, borders and rounded corners, and shadow effects. You can turn off all headers and instead place an equally sized image at the top of each page if you want a different header image on each page. Alternatively, you can use the new page manager, which comes in late summer 2018, to switch headers on and off and activate a separate design for each page.


 On a header you can place a logo (using your own menu in the design editor) or or and position texts and images absolutely.

Sidebar left and right

Up to two sidebars can be used simultaneously. To the left and right of the content area. Contents in a sidebar are always visible, i.e. on every page. If you move content from the clipboard to a sidebar, the placeholder is displayed in blue and indicates that this content is always visible.


A sidebar can include a navigation and/or a blob navigation in addition to normal content.

You can set the sidebar to always be as long as the adjacent content area, i.e. automatically expanded or only as long as necessary to display the content that is in the sidebar

Sidebars can includes a background color, a background image, multiple background images as slideshows, borders and rounded corners, and shadow effects. sidebars can be spaced from the content area.


Because sidebars are not mandatory, they can be hidden. If you have placed a navigation in the sidebar and fade out the sidebar then the system recognizes this automatically and shows a horizontal navigation.

Contents section

The content area is there to display the contents of the individual pages. This means that each page has its own content area.  The contents in the content area are therefore always only displayed on the respective page. 


A website without content makes no sense. Therefore, the content area cannot be hidden.


A content area can be divided into any number of rows and each row into up to 10 columns.

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