Can I publish an article automatically o a defined date?

A definite YES!


When you create a new article, it is automatically set to draft. Drafts are not visible to visitors. You can now decide whether you want to publish a draft immediately or on a specific date. If you want to put the article online immediately, reset the date to now or to an existing time, for example a few hours, and switch from Draft to Public. After saving the article is immediately available and will be inserted in the navigation according to the date you have set.


If you want an article to be published automatically later, you first set the date to a date in the future and then switch the article to public. The system recognizes that the date is in the future and moves the item to the "planned" folder. As soon as the publication time is reached, the post will be put online and moved from the "scheduled" folder to the "published" folder.

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