Usually you just write articles and the blog will handle everything else automatically. However, there are many options you can set to control and design your blog. You can access these options by clicking on the green button in the bottom left corner of the blog management. All settings are clearly arranged in one window. Make sure to save it so that changes are accepted.

Blog settings

The blog settings control how the blog should behave and which elements should be displayed. You also specify here how the blog should react when a visitor writes a comment. Usually you set the settings once and then you probably don't need them very often.


Since the beginning of August 2016, the entire blog module has been revised. For reasons of compatibility, however, we have only improved the user interface and have not changed anything else, especially in the settings area. We have removed the ping services. These were not really mature in the old version. As soon as the blog module is completely finished, we will have to consider an alternative.


The settings control the display and function of the blog on the one hand and the display and function of the blog navigation on the other.

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