RSS Settings

RSS settings in general

Enable RSS Feed = A link is shown at "To" and visitors have the option to subscribe to your articles.


When you activate the RSS feed, the RSS sign appears at the top of the browser line for all browsers that support such services. You can then subscribe directly to the feed there. Of course you can also copy the line and paste it into a new RSS section on a page4 page. If you write a new article with RSS enabled, all subscribers will automatically receive an update of your blog with the new article. Another option (2) is to determine how much of the content of your blog articles is transferred. By default, this option is set to "Doctored". This means that the subscribers of your blog articles will receive the headline and the first 200 characters of your article. To read the whole article, your website must be visited. If you deliver your complete articles, the option must be set to "complete".


Only headline  = The recipient only sees the Ünger headlines and must come to your page to read.

Teaser = The recipient only sees the title and a short crack of the article and must come to your page to read the complete article.

Complete = The complete article is transferred.

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