Content elements for blog display

The articles in your blog are displayed in two different ways or you have two options to display your articles. 


Your blog articles are always presented on a subpage of your website that is accessible when you attach to your domain /_blog. This address is reserved for the blog display and is created automatically when you create a page in the page management and link to the blog. If you do not create a page in your navigation for the blog and instead activate the automatic display of the navigation for the blog in the sidebar, this subpage is of course accessible via this navigation.


In addition, since 2018 there is a special content element that you can use to display articles from your blog on any page of your website. The following article is about this content element.

The content element for displaying your articles


On the right side you see a single blog article, represented as a teaser with the template number 4. If this toolbar does not appear, you are on the automatically created page for the blog display, which can be reached under "/_blog" as described above. There are no content elements on this page that you can edit.


The content element for the blog display has everything that every content has. You can delete, copy, move it and it has the options dialog with which you can set the background and the distances and so information for the marker are deposited. You see a grey line around the content (4). That is the whole content element. It is always as wide as the gap in which it is located. If you set a background color under Options, the entire area will be filled in. You see here, the content itself (3), so here the teaser is not automatically as wide as the whole content itself. To jump to the blog module, simply click on "Edit blog entry" (2)


On the right side you see the setting to display a single blog article on the selected page, not the complete article but only the teaser. 


To do this, click on Teaser/Preview (1). Then select "Single post" (2). The year (3) in which the article was published. The month (4) of publication and the corresponding article (5).


This allows you to highlight special contributions.

To display all articles from a certain month, click on month in line (2) and then select the year in (3) and the month in (4).

To display all articles from a certain year, click on year in line (2) and then select the year in (3).

To view all articles, click on "All" in line (2). That's all you have to do.

The content element for displaying the blog navigation

There are two types of navigation for the blog. In the past you had to turn on a sidebar and then activate the blog so that it automatically created a navigation in the sidebar. By default, it was the archive, i.e. an overview of all articles ordered by time. Additional lists could be switched on in the settings and arranged above or below the archive.


If you move your mouse over such a navigation you will only see a color roll on the right. (1) Now you can use it to adjust the colors of the navigation. But you don't see a toolbar like in picture 2, because this navigation is fixed in the sidebar and not a content element. Now that the content elements are available, you don't need this fixed navigation. In the design editor you can disable the display (Design -> Edit -> Elements tab -> and set the display of the blob navigation to off there.


What you do with the color roll can be found on the page " Customize colors for blog navigation ". 


The settings for navigation can be found on the "Customize display of blog navigation" page.

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