Cusomize colors of the blog navigation

We include colors and font sizes for the design of a blog navigation, so that the first impression is perfect. Of course, you can make certain adjustments. For this purpose we have developed a special dialogue

The dialog to customize the colors.....

Here again the illustration of a blog navigation while one moves the mouse over such a navigation. You see a circle with a paint roller in the upper right corner.


This allows you to call a dialog that looks like this:

The dialog can be moved freely on the screen and everything you set there is displayed live directly on the page. But only when you save and close the dialog, these settings will be applied. 


There are a few other special features that we will explain below.

The functions of the dialog

General information:

For the fonts that the navigation uses, you can either use the font that we have provided for this template or configure that the fonts of your website that are used in the design are displayed.

For colors, you can use the settings provided by the template or set your own values. 

If you want to go back to the basic settings then click on "Default" (1) at the fonts and delete all colors (2,3,4,5) using the trash. Then save the dialog.



a) Main font = This is the font used for texts that are displayed slightly larger. If you switch to "Copy from layout" (1), the heading 2 is used for the display.

b) Type of secondary font = The navigation itself and other smaller texts. When switching to layout fonts, the font with which you display the body text is used.


We didn't name the colors. Usually you see immediately which area of the navigation changes when you change a color and on the basis of the original colors you also see which area has which color. Just as usual, select the desired colors, see live if you like it and then save.

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