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With the new version of our blog module, all work related to your blog is coordinated in an administration window. The window is divided into different areas and adapts to your screen or browser window.


On the left you will find a large number of "drawers" in which articles, comments and keywords are stored. In the middle, existing articles are displayed according to certain criteria. To the right of each article there are different options and above the article list you will find the functions to filter your articles.


If you want to edit an existing article, you can simply double-click it or use the corresponding icons on the right.

1) If you click on it, all entries are displayed on the right, regardless of their type. So drafts, plans and published articles. If you have written more than 200 articles, only the 200 most recent articles are displayed. You can then limit the time window at the top right (B). For example, you could specify to display only all items that are from 2015 or from April 2016.


2) Here are all published articles, all those that are visible to your visitors.


3) All drafts are collected here. Every new article is a draft. The date does not matter.


4) Planned articles are all those that are published but have a date in the future. These are then automatically published by the system when the date is reached and are therefore visible.


5) You can mark articles as Recommended. Such articles are stored here.


6) All deleted articles end up in the trash. You can always get them out of the trash. Only when you empty the recycle bin, the articles in it are irrevocably deleted.


7) All tags you have created are listed here.


8) All comments in the "Comments" section are approved comments.


9) Here are all comments you haven't unlocked yet. This folder fills up when you want to moderate comments.


A) The Options section contains all settings for the blog. To do this, click on this entry and a window will open in which you have access to all parameters for the blog. Here you activate the blog, determine which navigation should be displayed, which template is used and much more.


B) Above the articles there is an information line which is automatically updated.


C) Here you can limit the display to certain articles. You can search for a specific time window, keywords and in the title of an article. With "Reset" all articles are displayed again and the search is deleted.


D) Here you can select all articles and then edit them together.


E) With a click on "Create new entry" an empty article is created and you switch to the edit mode.


F) Always the first image found in the article is displayed here as a preview. If no picture is available a graphic deposited by us is indicated. When you save a teaser image, this image is displayed.


G) If you move your mouse over an entry, editing tools appear in the form of icons - you can then use them to publish an article or set it back to draft. Edit, delete or copy it.





Double-click on the article to open the text editor. 

A deleted item first moves to the trash and remains available as long as the trash is not emptied. 

Each article has a selection box to the left of the preview. You can select and edit multiple items at once, so delete, copy, etc. At the top is a selection box "Select all". With this you can select all displayed articles with one click. A further click deletes the selection again.

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