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Content elements text

We have currently combined three different content elements under the heading "Texts". In other systems, the text section is often divided into text and text with images and tables. The Tiny Editor we use can do all these variations at the same time, so we have refrained from making individual content types out of them.


You have 4 different headlines sorted by weighting. The headline H1 should also have the largest font size and should only be created once per page. The other three headlines serve to structure your texts systematically.


With the text element you can create texts in the free version and, if desired, include an image directly in each text, which is then arranged to the left or right of the text. In the purchased versions you can also create tables with the text element.


Our table element is a separate content with which you can create tables. Please note that tables are not really optimized for mobile devices.


You can create all elements via the dialogs shown on the right or by opening a dialog with the green plus sign in the toolbar and then selecting a corresponding content element there. In this case, an empty element is created.

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