The text content element in an overview

The functions of the text editor

The content element text consists of two areas. In the upper area you have a text editor with a menu bar and a field to write your text. Below are options to include an image in your text.

Create a content element Text as described in the article "Content Elements" and open the dialog to edit the element. We have integrated the "Tiny", a professional online text editor and depending on whether you are using a purchase version or a free version, you have different functions available. We describe here the complete functions of the purchase version. If you want to use the features described here, you can upgrade to the free version at any time.


In the upper part of the text editor you will find two rows of icons and menus. To use the functions, you must first select the text in the text field to which the function is to be applied and then click on the function with the mouse. 


A distinction must be made between character formats and paragraph formats. For a character format, the function applies only to the selected letters or words. With a paragraph format, the entire paragraph is always changed. For a character format, you must always select letters. For a paragraph format, it is sufficient to click with the mouse into the corresponding paragraph. To create a paragraph, use the line break on the keyboard.

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