Content elements can be added to your website in various ways.

Drag & Drop

All content elements are arranged in a clear panel that you can show, hide and place as you like. Simply click with your mouse on the desired element, keep the mouse pressed and drag the element to your page to place it. As soon as you touch an area with the mouse in which you can insert a new element, this area is colored grey and a symbol (shift arrows) is displayed in the middle.

Just release the mouse button and the new empty element will be inserted at the desired position.


Important: If you create elements on your website by drag&drop, the automatic editing is basically deactivated. This means that the element is created immediately without the dialog opening for editing. This allows you to create the necessary content very quickly and then edit the individual elements using the pen.


From the clipboard

Once a first element is inserted in the clipboard, you can create and edit new content directly in the clipboard. The advantage of this is that the content created there is invisible to visitors. This way you can prepare content at your leisure and then simply move or copy it from the tray to the page using drag and drop. Moving and copying elements is explained in detail elsewhere.


Copying existing content

You can also create a new content of the same type by simply copying an existing element and then editing it. Move your mouse over the element you want to copy and click on the symbol with the two blue sides in the toolbar. Areas with a gray background now appear on the entire page as mentioned above during drag and drop. Just click on the area into which you want to paste the copied element and page4 will now create an exact copy of the content you selected. If you want to cancel the copying process, click on the selected element, which is displayed in light gray and is marked by a red circle with an oblique line.


On a completely blank page

If you create a completely new, empty page or have deleted all contents of a page, a hatched box with the message "Empty columns" appears on the page. The article "Columns and Rows" explains how you can create any columns. Moving the mouse over this empty column turns it into a hand and a modified toolbar appears, which only contains a green plus sign. Simply click on the empty column with the mouse to open the content selection dialog. Then you can proceed in the same way as described under "About the toolbar". Of course, you can also create content on an empty page using the palette and proceed as described under "Drag&Drop".


Use the toolbar

If you move the mouse over an existing element a toolbar with tools will be displayed. Click on the green plus sign to create a new content. A dialog with all available content types opens. Click on the desired element. The dialog for editing the new content element opens. You can now directly enter the content, such as a heading or text. When you click Save, the item is created and displayed on your page. If you click on Cancel, the entered content is discarded and no new element is created.

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