Move contents

Move contents

You can move any content at any time. On every page and of course from one page to another. There are several ways to do this.



Simply move the mouse over a content element on the page to display the toolbar. The toolbar consists of a blue area with all icons. As soon as you enter this blue area with the mouse, the mouse pointer becomes a hand and you can touch this area. Hold the mouse and drag the element over the page.

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A grayed area appears, which represents the content element and as soon as the mouse moves to an area where you can insert the content, this area is grayed out and a symbol (moving arrows) is displayed in the middle. Simply release the mouse button and the element will be inserted at the desired position.


If you reach the bottom of the browser when moving, the page scrolls on, so that you can also move elements into areas that are currently not visible, which is often the case with large pages in particular. In this case, you can use the "click and paste" method, which is explained below.
When the tray is visible, you can also drag and drop content elements to the tray.

Click & Paste

Although many users love drag&drop, we have added a second option that is actually much faster to use. Just click on the green arrow in the toolbar. Once you have done this, placeholders will appear throughout the page showing where you can move the item. For example, if you want to move the element to the very end of a page, just scroll there and then click on the corresponding placeholder and the element will be moved.

Klick and Place
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This is much faster than scrolling to the end of the page while holding down the mouse button. 
Of course, this also works with the clipboard when it is visible.
To cancel the move process, simply click on the original element, which is marked with a red icon.

From the clipboard to another page

To move content from one page to any other page, you need the clipboard. Drag&drop or click&paste the desired element into the clipboard. It then calls up the target page and then moves the relevant element from the clipboard back to the desired position.

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Copy contents

To copy content, move your mouse over the content to open the toolbar and click on the copy icon (two blue side icons on top of each other). As with moving, placeholders now appear throughout the page indicating where the item can be copied to.
If the tray is visible, you can also copy content directly to the tray.
To cancel the copy process, simply click on the original element, which is marked by a red circle with an oblique white line.

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