Creating content is very easy and fast. Below is an explanation of how to add a new headline to your website. All other content works in a similar way. For some you can edit the content directly on the page. For others, click on the pen and open the corresponding dialog.

Click on "Content"

Click on Texts...

Click on H2 (or any other content)...

Drag the placeholder to the side and let it go.....

The new headline is created. Click in the sample text...

Double-click to select the entire sample text...

Overwrite the text and then click beside the content.

The steps are always identical for all other contents. 

  1. Select the content panel on the left.
  2. Decide what type of content you need.
  3. Select a sample template from the content and drag it to the page.
  4. Edit directly by clicking into the text or opening the dialog to edit the content.
  5. Save: Direct editing automatically saves when you leave the content with the mouse.


If you drag a content to your page, the placeholder will be colored. In this example, the placeholder is green. This means that you have placed the content on the page itself. If the placeholder turns blue then you are in a sidebar or in footer 1.

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