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General information

A website consists of design elements and content such as text, images, tables, galleries, videos and more. In addition, most websites consist of more than one page. Different contents are inserted on each page. The sidebar or sidebar contains content that is always visible, no matter what page you are on.

The contents in the header and footer are also normally visible on every page.

This section is only about content that you place directly on the page or in the sidebar.


Empty contents

If you create a new content element that has no default values, you as administrator will see a message text written in italics that appears where the content element has been inserted. In the case of an empty text element, "Empty element: Gallery" (1) is displayed surrounded by a dashed line. Other contents also have a placeholder. In the example on the right you can see an empty HTML (2) and an empty Image section (3). These texts and the element itself are invisible to your visitors and do not take up any space when logged out. However, you should delete unused content elements or sections if you no longer want to insert content.

Hidden contents

Some contents are hidden in admin mode. This is either for safety reasons. For example, a malicious HTML code could prevent you from editing your page. A hidden HTML code (1) looks like the one on the right, so if you name the content element, you can immediately see what is behind such a disabled section. The example on the right is the integration of a weather report.

On the other hand, we hide elements that have a negative effect on the working speed. Videos consume a lot of power and slow down the browser. We therefore hide videos in admin mode (5). The title of the loaded video (6) is of course displayed so that you know which video it is.

Preconfigured contents

There are also content elements that are filled with a preset value immediately after creation and this is then also displayed on the website for visitors. For example, if you create a form, a contact form with 3 fields will be created, as you can see on the right. 

You should immediately edit content elements with preset values and add your own value, because this content is  visible to your visitors as mentioned above.

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