The page4 clipboard

The clipboard is a separate palette that you can show and hide. You can put any content elements of your website in the tray. You can also add elements that are in the tray to any page you like.


With the tray you have a great tool to create and edit elements invisibly. You can create content in advance and then publish it as needed.

Move elements to the clipboard

You can move elements on your website to the clipboard at any time. This removes the elements from the corresponding page and inserts them into the tray. Then you can jump to any other page and move the element from the tray back to one page. With the drag-and-drop function you can move elements from one page to another.


So it's:

Move the mouse over the element you want to move and then click with the mouse on the green icon in the toolbar to move contents. Hold the mouse down and move the mouse over the screen to the clipboard. There you will see placeholders to show you where you can move the element. Release the mouse inside the tray and the element will be removed from the page and moved to the tray.


Alternative method:

Move the mouse over the element you want to move and click on the green icon in the toolbar which is intended to move. This activates the move mode. On the page and in the tray, all places that can hold the element are now marked with a placeholder. Simply click with the mouse on a placeholder within the tray. The element is removed from the page and inserted into the clipboard.


If you move the element from the clipboard to the page, you do the same. Scroll until the desired element appears in the visible area of the tray, then move the mouse over that element and perform one of the two steps above.

Copying elements to the clipboard

If you wish to copy an element on your page and then paste it on another page and edit it there you can also use the clipboard. It doesn't matter how complex an element is. You can copy a simple line or a gallery of a hundred images.


This is how:

Move the mouse over the element on the page you want to copy. Then click with the mouse on the blue symbol with the two documents which you otherwise use to copy an element within a page. Then placeholders appear on the page and in the tray at all places where you can place the element. Click on a placeholder in the tray and the element is copied to the tray. Drag&Drop is unfortunately not possible during copying.

Creating and editing items in the clipboard

The storage behaves exactly like a page. There are only two differences. First, you must already have at least one element in the clipboard in order to create any new element. On the other hand, the storage is only visible in admin mode. This means that all elements in the tray are invisible to your visitors. Ideal for creating content at your leisure.


So it's:

If you don't have a single element in the tray yet, you have to copy or move an element from the page to the tray. How to do this is described above. You can then proceed in the same way as usual. So you move the mouse over an existing element and then use the green plus sign to create any element. You can then edit this element as normal. As long as the item is in the tray, no one can see this content. Once the content is finished, you can move or copy the content element to any page at any time and make the content visible to your visitors.


The repository is the ideal place to create new content at your leisure.

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