Building a good navigation

Experiences show that visitors are killed when they come to a web page that has a navigation in which apparently all pages have been packed into the main navigation. If you can't see at a glance what a website has to offer, you are quickly gone.

1st point - No more than 5 to 10 main pages

You should therefore not create more than 5 to 10 main navigation points. You should create all other pages as subpages. If each of your main pages has only 5 subpages and each of the subpages itself has 5 subpages, then you can already create 310 pages (10 main pages, 50 subpages and 250 pages on level 3.
See that all navigation points of the main navigation fit into one row. The longer your page names and the more navigation points, the more space you need to display them. You can have some influence over the font and font size of the navigation. However, you should leave some “air“ to make sure that the main navigation does not break. Our system ensures that the navigation works correctly, even if the navigation points are displayed in two rows. However, it is better to leave only so many navigation points on the main level that this can also be displayed reasonably and does not break.

Point 2 - Meaningful page names

Use short page names related to the topic of the page so that your visitor knows immediately what to expect on the page. Nothing is more frustrating than being disappointed. As fast as your visitor calls up a page that contains something other than what the name promises, as fast he is completely away from your website and probably won't come back.

3. point - meaningful arranged undersides

Not every main page must have a subpage. Always create subpages from the point of view of your visitors. Ask yourself the question, how can I ensure that my visitors can access all content quickly and reliably without having to search long. Sort the contents of your page and also name the subpages so that your visitors find their way quickly.
In the page management you can quickly and effectively rearrange and rearrange pages at any time. Just create all the pages you need and sort them in the site management. Then write the content to the pages and when you check your page navigation and realize that you have to change something, you can move and even rename existing pages in the page management at any time.

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