search engine optimization

An important topic is to make your pages so that Google loves them. Especially in the site administration you have many possibilities. Again, it is important to understand what is meant by which terms.

The name of a page

This name is used to name the navigation points. Therefore, the name may contain special characters and spaces between words. The main purpose of the site name is to inform your visitors and help them find the right content. It is not automatically identical with the page title and also the link with which the page is called up in the browser does not automatically contain the name of your page. It is optimal if the name of your page harmonizes well with the page title or if possible is identical.

page titles

The title of your page is very important for Google and for displaying your page in Google search results. In addition, the title is displayed in the tab at the top of the browser when the page is accessed. The page title is one of the most important OnPage SEO elements and should be chosen with great care. If your page appears in Google's search results, the searcher must be able to see at first glance what he will find on your website and what added value he will get from it. Therefore, the page title should be short and meaningful. With the right page title, you ensure that both the Google search engine and the search engine itself know immediately what information you make available on your page.


A page title is optimal if

  • Each page has its own individual title, which is unique
  • the title does not contain more than about 55 to 60 characters. If it is too long, Google will shorten the title when displaying the search result. Please note that the start page has its own page title, while all other pages always have a composite title. This consists of the title of the start page plus the title of the respective page. Therefore the page title of the start page should be as short as possible.
  • er consists of an easily understandable and meaningful sentence.
  • < what the page is about.
  • the searcher is animated on Google to become active and visit the page.
  • < the title may also contain at least one important search word
  • das or the search terms used can of course also be found on the page.

With one sentence: A page title is perfect if you promise the searcher the fulfilment of his wishes in a meaningful short sentence and convince the search engine that your own page deserves a good ranking…

It will not always be possible to meet all criteria. You should worry a lot about the right title, though. With a premium version you can give each page its own page title. It is really worth investing money in a premium version if you want to present your site well on Google.
With the Online-Tool of Torben Leuschner you can test yourself how your site looks on Google.

Simply enter the relevant data on the right side and see how the search result changes. If you want to know what data is currently used by your website, enter the exact URL of your website or specific page and click “Extract data from URL“ and the tool will analyze your page and you will see exactly what Google sees and uses to display.

br />In the tool you must also enter a description that is a description of your page. This brings us to a second important point that you should be aware of.

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