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The fact that Google has become one of the most valuable and powerful companies in the world makes it one of the most important jobs for Internet users. The core of Google's own website is simple and simple. You have a box where you type keywords and then click Search, and Google will show you the results of your search on hundreds of pages. The silly thing is that very few people view search results displayed on pages 3, 4 or 100. The goal must therefore be to land on the first or second page of Google “.  The search terms used for searching are decisive. If a user searches for “dentist in Kiel“, then he will get far fewer search hits than if he searches for „dentist“. If you are a dentist in Kiel, it is no use to you at all if people from Bavaria find and visit your website, unless they are looking for a dentist in Kiel because they want to take a holiday there and use your services on holiday. It is important for your website that it is found by people who need your services or goods or share your interests. Therefore, you should focus on keywords that such people use. It is much easier to come with the search term “dentist in Kiel“ on page 1 from Google than with the term „dentist“. Of course, far fewer people are looking for this particular term. But it's not a question of attracting many visitors to your site but of bringing visitors to your site who are interested in what you do.

>The selection of search engines is not for you, unless you pay a lot of money for an agency that takes care of it. But you will find that a good agency will want to ask you about the content and goals of your website and to know exactly which visitors are interesting for your website. Only then can the agency do a good job. You can also ask yourself these questions and then analyze which search terms your potential visitors or customers will use.

Important information for Google optimization

It is important to know that the SEO settings on a page automatically overwrite the global settings. If you have entered global search terms, detailed instructions in the article “Basic SEO settings of your website“, and now enter two search terms on one page, Google ignores the global search terms and uses the two search terms on each page. This also applies to the description and title of the page. Since individual pages of your website will have different themes, this of course makes sense. If you want certain pages to be associated with the global SEO settings, you must not fill in the corresponding fields on the page. The text we have stored is ignored and does not have to be or should not be removed, because even a space, invisible in a field, ensures that the global information is overwritten.
You should also limit yourself to two or three special search terms for a page. If the site is very extensive, it could be a few more. A lot doesn't help much. More important is that the search terms match the content and also appear on the page itself. The best thing to do is to write your text for the page and then decide which of the terms on the page are suitable for search terms. Or you think about a few search terms and write the text in such a way that these search terms are built into the text in such a way that it remains “natural“ text that can be read fluently. Instead of using a search term several times in the text, it is a good idea to use synonyms and variations of the search term and then include them as additional search terms.

You should use the most important 2 search terms in the first 100 to 150 words to show Google how important they are and that the text revolves around these search terms.

Br />Images to include search terms.
If you use images, you may be able to hide a search word in the file name of the image „, for example „zahnarzt-praxis-kiel.jpg“. But you have to do this before the image is uploaded from the computer to your website.  In addition, you can include a meaningful description of the image in the alternative text, which also contains a search term. If you follow the above tips for search engine optimization when creating pages, success will not fail, provided you maintain your pages and publish regular news, for example with the blog module of page4.

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